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62 N. Ayer, Suite B, Harvard, IL 60033

(815) 943-4404
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e-mail: info@harvcc.net



Harvard is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It’s a city of history and tradition, which takes great pride in its community and residents. Harvard has many wonderful benefits, quiet, rural living surrounded by country charm and the serenity of nature.

Most of the residents in the area would agree that the best thing about Harvard is its people. The people of Harvard pride themselves on their resourcefulness and their community spirit. In an age of supposed self-interest, Harvard citizens care and it is this concern that is the very fiber that knots the community together.


The Harvard Chamber knows that our 2013 Community Guides will provide you with a valuable tool in exploring Harvard’s many facets. The Harvard Community Guide is made possible by the advertisers located throughout this publication. We hope you utilize this guide often when looking for quality services, reputable businesses, especially if you’re looking to relocate here to live, open a new business or are planning a visit for pleasure.

Harvard’s residents come from a broad range of cultural and religious heritage’s blended into a resourceful ‘home town’ atmosphere.

Please use this website as your resource for all that Harvard has to offer. If you are interested in residing, working or starting a business in Harvard, Please feel free to contact the Harvard Chamber office, at 62 N. Ayer St. or call 815-943-4404.

Strong and Growing!
The Greater Harvard Area Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to provide support to the growth and development of the business community and to continually improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the Harvard area.

The Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a full time, professionally staffed business organization in McHenry County. While its principal activities are in Harvard, it also enjoys strong support from businesses located in and around McHenry County. Membership consists of approximately 200 individual business firms. These firms range from the smallest one-person business to large regionally based firms and national/multi-national corporations headquartered in the area. About 90 percent of our members employ fewer than 20 people.

The Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry, with a 83-year history, is a commerce association consisting of voluntary membership and a professional staff.

In the Harvard area, the Chamber is the collective voice of commerce, maintains and improves the economic environment, and provides leadership for improving the quality of life. Our goals are achieved through active participation and interaction of member firms, in a cooperative and coordinated effort with all elements of the community.